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Our range of industrial separators are designed to process all solids and liquids. They are ideally suited to product grading, de-watering and the removal of fines.

We can supply screeners with single decks for simple applications through to multiple deck units for precise separation of fractions.



Mini Screen


Electrical or pnuematically powered screens for liquids and powders

A small and lightweight screen specially developed for low cost sieving applications, suited to both laboratory and small scale industrial use.  Manufactured from synthetic materials, to provide a contamination free, and easy to clean surface, and combined with the advantages of pre-stressed screen technology, the unit is equipped to cope with a variety of materials including ceramic slips & glazes and many other liquid based products in the chemical, food, and mineral refining industries.  Equally suitable for granular and fine powder sieving, the mini separator is ideal for any separation applications where small amounts of residue are to be removed.  Powered by either electrical or pnuematic vibrators, they can be installed in almost any location, having a mains electrical 230-24 volt supply, or compressed air.

Purpose built subframes can ensure easy positioning, on bin tops, vessel inlet points or any mobile unit.

Multiple choice pre-stressed mesh elements can be supplied with the equipment which is supported by a quick turnaround re-meshing service, throughout the UK and abroad.

Product code:  C200


XPF Funnel Filters

Open circuit ferrous extraction filters for liquids, slips and glazes.

Co-axial flow high intensity XPF magnets offer maximum extraction of ferrous and other paramagnetic materials from ceramic clips and glazes.  Manufactured in polypropolene and easily installed in a variety of exisiting locations, including tank tops, separator outlets and below ground storage tanks, these multiple element, easy to clean magnets provide cost effective solutions to suit variable flow rates and fluid densities.

The XPF filters are available in free standing designs with open inlet and outlets, or adapted for installation within exisiting trough and pipework assemblies and many other open circuit installations.  Rare Earth elements encased in strong 316 stainless steel outer sleeves provide the magnetic core to the filters, with a high resistance to both corrosion and ware.

Product code:  M100

Screens for the paper industry

Vibrodynamics advanced screening equipment, continues to provide the most effective solution to paper mill applications, where low cost and flexible screening equipment can be utilised with minimum capital outlay, to provide efficient filtration over a wide range of products.

Fibre Recovery in Tissue Mills
Our fibre recovery screens, help optimise existing fibre recovery systems by providing a necessary back up, wit the advantage of a self cleaning screen capable of capacities exceeding 100 cu metres / hr.
Size Screening
Small to medium screens of 600 – 1200mm dia, provide an ideal primary filter for virgin make up, and size press returns. Capacities up to 6000 L/hr can be obtained on a single 800mm unit dependent upon mesh aperture and starch strength.
Paper Coatings
The viscous materials with high solids contents prove difficult to screen, but continuous advancement in our vibration technology, with the combined use of weight distribution, and flatplain motion to promote maximum G Force, we have achieved a high capacity unit of exceptional performance.

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Effluent Control
Modern paper recycling with De-inking systems, require efficient removal of paper clips plastics, and stickies. The Vibro-Screen provides an ideal unit, easy to locate and install in the most difficult of areas, providing excellent mesh life, and low cost maintenance.
Filler Clays
As a supplier of specialist equipment to the filler clay industry, in the production of both Calcium Carbonate and China clay fillers, we have established a high reputation for innovative design and reliability across the entire spectrum of micro-fine filtration.
Other Products Available

Other Products Available

Large reserves of specialist filter materials are held in stock, in the form of filter mesh for both standard and non standard applications, including:- Multi Layered Filter Plates, Filter Tubes, Roll or Loose Cut Mesh, in most apertures, and widths.  Bonded Mesh, for both Vibrating Screens, and filter segments.

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