Screen Cleaning
Retro-fit devices placed below the screen surface can reduce screen blinding and clogging by up to 90% of screen area with options for balls or plastic cleaning rings it is possible to maintain maximum capacity with both wet and dry materials on both single and multi stage screens. Secondary vibrations generated by these devices achieved a low-cost and effective method of reducing screen blinding on both small and large apertures with either synthetic or stainless steel mesh.

Screen Cleaning With Ultrasonics
By fitting this technically advanced ultrasonic cleaning system we can now quadruple capacities, use smaller micron apertures, extend mesh life and reduce the number of machines required. Supplied with new equipment or as a retro-fit to existing units, this state of the art technology converts high frequency sound waves into evenly distribution oscillations across the screen surface ensuring constant material activity with either continuous or pulsed mode to provide maximum capacity at minimum power levels. Ideal for all powder applications.

Screen Diagnostics
Using dynamic profiles to test vibration levels, we can now match screen performance to material specification, reducing set up time and optimizing power consumption against capacity. Test points fitted to all VIBRODYNAMICS screen allow us to check the health and performance of your equipment to ensure maximum efficiency.

Variable Speed
For the best results in any screening operation, the correct weight mass and angle settings are vital. These settings are achieved by adjusting the weight assembly to produce the desired effect. Where several different materials are to be processed it is not practical to reset the weight system each time. Variable speed control offers the best alternative method for fine tuning the screen to the material characteristics, providing the ultimate response to both material change in particle size, density and feed rate without the need for mechanical intervention. In any circumstance it provides an ideal control for most screening applications and can be added as an option at any time.


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