Electrical or Pneumatically powered screens for liquids and powders

A small and lightweight screen specially developed for low cost sieving applications, suited to both laboratory and small scale industrial use. Manufactured from synthetic materials, to provide a contamination free, and easy clean surface, and combined with the advantage of pre-stressed screen technology, the unit is equipped to cope with a variety of materials including ceramic slips and glazes and many other liquid based products in the chemical, food, and mineral refining industries. Equally suitable for granular and fine powder sieving, the mini separator is ideal for any separation applications where small amounts of residue are to be removed. Powered by either electrical or pneumatic vibrations, they can be installed in almost any location, having a mains electrical 230-240 volt supply, or compressed air. Purpose built subframes can ensure easy positioning, on bin tops, vessel inlet points or any mobile unit. Multiple choice pre-stressed mesh elements can be supplied with the equipment which is supported by a quick turnaround re-meshing service, throughout the UK and abroad.


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