Tension Frame

Modern Tensioning Methods enable us to provide a far more accurate way of producing a stable and long lasting screen. By controlling the tension in two different directions we effectively eliminate areas of high and low tension to produce an even stress across the screen surface. Finally we capture this tension by bonding the wires to a steel or synthetic frame, sealing the tension to pre-set design values.

We carry extensive stocks of both stainless steel and synthetic mesh materials manufactured to very defined properties. A detailed size chart based on the latest ISO standards is available providing every option in both aperture and wire diameter, in widths of 1.02, 1.22 and 1.53 metres.

1200 mm. dia. Screen Frame

A wide variety of frame sections can be accommodated for, both round, square, and rectangular up to 1500 mm. Complex frame sections similar to this ultrasonic screen on the above, are easily catered for with excellent results.
We hold stocks of both synthetic and stainless steel frames for most popular makes of circular screening equipment.

A regular service is available for your area, and we would be pleased to quote against your specific requirements for both re-screening, cut mesh lengths, or complete rolls.


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