Ceramic Industry

Adaptable pipeline filters manufactured to a standard body size with options for either flange or screwed couplings to suit alternative pipe sizes and line pressures. Both types support pressure relief availability, and quick release clamps for magnet removal and cleaning.

XPPF Filter
A 5 element pipeline filter with synthetic body and couplings designed for line pressures up to 5 bar. Ideal applications include transfer systems up to 3" dia. and open ended none pressure applications where total enclosure is required.

XPPFs Filter
Designed for two pressure ratings this is all stainless steel filter is purpose built for high pressure systems which include filter press inlets, and transfer pumping installations where both head and distance increase line pressures to higher values than normal.

Co-axial flow high intensity XPF magnets offer maximum extraction of ferrous and other paramagnetic materials from ceramics slips and glazes. Manufactured in polypropylene and easily installed in a variety of existing locations, including tank tops, separator outlets and below ground storage tanks, these multiple element, easy to clean magnets provide cost effective solutions to suit variable flow rates and fluid densities.

The XPF filters are available in free standing designs with open inlet and outlets, or adapted for installation within existing trough and pipework assemblies and many other open circuit installations. Rare Earth elements encased in strong 316 stainless steel outer sleeves provide the magnetic core to the filters, with a high resistance to both corrosion and ware.

Magnetic filters designed to give maximum flux density against a controlled flow rate, providing a low cost but effective ferrous extraction for Slips & Glazes. Designed for spray booth and tank transfer systems, providing ferrous extraction at the critical end point prior to application. Quick release elements allow fast and accessible cleaning at all times. Filters are provided with support brackets to ease installation with a choice of inlet and outlet fittings to suit existing couplings.

XPT 1.5 B
A single element 9 module inline magnet for spray booth installations designed for flow rates up to a maximum of 4 litres/min.

XPT 1.5 A
A single element 14 module inline magnet for glaze transfer system up to 7 litres/min.


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